Acute Care/Walk in clinic

Lindenhurst Family Practice's walk-in clinic accepts current LFP patients aged newborn through 59 years. For our walk-in clinic no appointment or phone call is necessary; simply come in with your insurance card and co-pay payment. Acute Care/Walk-In Clinic is for illness and injuries (ear, respiratory and urinary infections, rashes, etc.)  that can be treated in a shorter amount of time than an appointment. 

*Our Walk-In Clinic is NOT for new patient exams, annual physicals, medication refills, on-going problems or other routine matters that require setting an appointment time; setting an appointment for certain matters ensures that enough time can be dedicated to your specific needs.*  If unsure, please feel welcome to  contact our office staff by calling 847-356-9300. Minimal wait time.

****Our policies have changed due to Covid-19 or novel coronavirus. Anyone experiencing a cough, sore throat or fever MUST call our office BEFORE coming in. We will advise you over the phone. DO NOT COME IN DIRECTLY IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS. Calling first for screening ensures the safety of you, our staff, and other patients.****


Acute care/walk in clinic Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Acute Care/Walk-In Clinic at Lindenhurst Family Practice?

Our acute care clinic is a walk-in, no-appointment-necessary clinic for current Lindenhurst Family Practice patients to be treated for minor illnesses and minor injuries. LFP’s Acute Care Clinic is not intended as a replacement for your primary care provider. New patients should call to schedule their first new patient appointment (which requires more time than an acute care visit). 

What are common reasons for visiting the Acute Care Clinic at LFP?

Fever without rash, non-life threatening allergic reactions, ear pain, painful urination, sore throat, sinus congestion etc. 

When should I make an appointment with a provider at Lindenhurst Family Practice instead of coming to the Acute Care/Walk-In Clinic?

Scheduling an appointment time rather than visiting our acute care is for non-acute symptoms, new patient exams, management of existing and ongoing conditions, managing medications, preventive care such as annual physicals, etc. If you're not sure, please feel welcome to contact our office staff at (847)356-9300 with questions.

When should I seek emergency treatment? What problems are normally referred to an ER?

You should seek emergency treatment if you are experiencing severe symptoms, including but not limited to: 

Severe chest pain or pressure, choking, severe burns, severe stomach pains, difficulty breathing, serious head, neck or back injury, loss of limb, convulsions or seizures, displaced or open wound fractures, fainting or dizziness, bleeding that cannot be stopped, severe pain in the arm or jaw, inability to speak, see, walk or move, sudden weakness or dropping to one side of the body. 

What do I need to bring with me for acute care?

A current ID and current insurance card. Additional health information (prescription names and dosages, brief history etc) is helpful but not necessary. 

Do I need to pay for my visit at the time I am seen?

Most insurances charge a copay at the time of your visit. If you do not have insurance, payment is due at the time of your visit. Check the 'patient forms/resources' section of our website for a full list of participating insurance carriers; verify with your insurance carrier personally, or call our front desk at (847)356-9300 with questions.